Mom uses ASTROTURF to replace the floor of his football-avid son’s bedroom – The Scottish Sun

2021-12-08 08:43:59 By : Mr. Jack Cheng

A mother decides to use AstroTurf to cover the bedroom floor of her football fanatic son-she calls it a "game changer." 

She revealed that her son suffers from asthma, so the carpet is impossible, and she thinks the wooden floor is not "comfortable" enough.

But instead of using tiles or even floor stickers, my mother chose an unusual choice-astro turf.

Artificial grass turns the bedroom into a mini court for Everton fans, with an inflatable football, a football-themed carpet and laundry basket-not to mention Everton's bed and wall stickers.

Sharing the football-themed renovation with the Facebook group Extreme Budget DIY & Life Hacks, she said: “I saw one or two posts about fake/artificial grass, so I thought I would share what we did.

"We chose a thickness of 12 mm because it is softer. The grass is easy to spread. We did spread it on the mat. We glued it on both sides with carpet nails.

"I have been mopping the floor and vacuum cleaner. The only drawback is that it is noisy to walk, but it is not enough to stop you from doing so.

"My son is allergic to dust, and we think wooden floors look uncomfortable, which is perfect for us!"

But it seems that other people in the family also like football, as my mother added: "We used the rest of the grass in the downstairs toilet mirror and behind the toilet!"

Hundreds of people like sports makeovers. One mother said: "I like the idea. My son has asthma, so this will be perfect. What a great room."

Another wrote: "This is so evil, what a great idea."

The third person commented: "This is a brilliant idea. It's much cheaper than a green carpet."

Others added: "That's great."

In addition, after her daughter used Google and finally got some terrible answers, a mother warned the parents to check the child's homework.

Although the mother revealed that she never let the four children share, say sorry or do homework, she also refused to tell them.

The mother shared the sick information sent by the beautician to her 9-year-old child online because she warned other parents to be aware of these signs.

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