Artificial Grass, Synthetic Turf, Football Grass (MDS60 FIFA GRASS)

Artificial Grass, Synthetic Turf, Football Grass (MDS60 FIFA GRASSACT as a FIFA licensee, always focus on developing high quality and excellent performance sports grass, especially for football field. We have different s

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Artificial Grass, Synthetic Turf, Football Grass (MDS60 FIFA GRASS

ACT as a FIFA licensee, always focus on developing high quality and excellent performance sports grass, especially for football field. We have different systems which reached FIFA quality pro or FIFA quality level. Three football fields already got FIFA quality pro or FIFA quality certification. Our football grass systems have been exported to USA, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Australia, Spain, Netherlands, Malawi, Japan, Singapore, Russia and etc.


.Innovative yarn ensures excellent wear and UV resistance, far exceeding the requirements set by FIFA
.Quality control over every aspect of the project from yarn to manufacture to installation. Products have been used for 51 FIFA accredit football fields.
.Using the high quality raw materials and advanced equipments
.Advanced performance, Excellent wear and Anti-UV,     Anti-rust ,Anti-mildew

.Easy maintenance and maintenance
.Could fit for all weather systems
.Environmental friendly,no including heavy metal and toxic substance
. High sports performance, with natural color, looks like natural grass. It is soft and elastic.

Artificial Grass, Synthetic Turf, Football Grass (MDS60 FIFA GRASS)

Technical parameters

ACT Turf  MDS60  is designed for football and consists of diamond shape monofil yarn
and durable triple backing. The football system offers you a non infilling football surface, high sports performance and long term durability.

Production method Tufting process
3/4" gauge
Pile fiber Spine shape monofil12000dtex
Pile height60 mm (1 mm)
Pile weight2950.63gr/m2 (50 gr/m²)
Stitches per m¹175 (+ 10) 
Rows per m¹width54
Stitches per m²+ 9720
Primary backing PP backingcolour black, UV stabilized, add with reinforced open cell net backing, colour white, UV stabilized, weight, 300gr/m2
Secondary backing LatexLatex, 1000gr/m²    (+ 100 gr/m²)
Total construction weight4250.63gr/m2  (+ 100 gr/m²)

Color fastnessBlue scale >=7, Gray scale >=4
Tuft bind + 40-45 Newton
Waterpermeability + 60 LTR/ m² / min, tested unfilled
Roll width 4 m/2m
Loading qty width 2m/4m 1200m2/20GP, 2800m2/40HQ

Artificial Grass, Synthetic Turf, Football Grass (MDS60 FIFA GRASS)

Artificial Grass, Synthetic Turf, Football Grass (MDS60 FIFA GRASS )


Step1:Tools prepare

Harmer-nail -manualcart-shovel-elastic strings-knife-doctor blade-pitch drawing-tape measure-glue-adhesive tape-rubber and silcan sand

Step2:Install the synthetic grass
Making lines on the base --put the turf roll in place --roll out the turf-
Cutting the edges--making sure neighbor edges match perfectly-- 
Unfold the neighbor edges--putting the adhesive tape between the edges--
Making sure the adhesive tape between neighbor edges --putting the glue on the adhesive tape --folding edges and putting edges on the adhesive tape--joint the edges--cutting the right size of white grass

Step3:Install the white line
Laying the adhesive tape-putting the white grass in the right place-making sure the white grass joint well
Artificial Grass, Synthetic Turf, Football Grass (MDS60 FIFA GRASS)



What kind of maintenance does it require?

For landscape the maintenancethat required is simple just keeping it clean. You can remove organic materials like leaves from the surface, typically by using a leaf blower or a lawn sweeper. Washing the synthetic grass occasionally can help keep dust and dirt making it appeared like faded. Rain will naturally serve this function.


Is it safe for children to play on the synthetic grass?

Kids can play safely and we are sure they will love it. Synthetic grass is softer and safer than the real grass, since there are no pests or fertilization chemicals. Finally you can forget about stained or torn pants and scraped knees.


Is there any possibility for the weeds to grow through it?

Weeds cannot grow because we use weed barrier in order to prevent them from growing through the synthetic grass. Although in rare situations if you find any weed, you can easily brush it away with a leaf rake.


Does synthetic grass fades or torn up?

The procedure and the material that the synthetic grass is made off, has built-in UV protection that allows it to hold its color under any weather condition. Our warranty covers degradation from ultra violet radiation from the sun for 5 years


How long does it take to install?

An average landscaping area might take 2 to 3 days,sport grass according how big the field , as it need infill particle


Will I need to replace it soon?

This depends upon the application and how much use the synthetic grass has to withstand.
We provide 5-8 years warranty, but with the proper care and maintenance it is known that it can be last for longer.


What happens with the rain water?

You do not have to worry about the rain, since it is specially design for these situations and applications. It does not retain any water and it drains very easily, since the synthetic grass allows vertical drainage and our products are water permeable.


Are rubber and sand infill harmful for children or pets?

The materials we use are non-toxic and cannot harm even if swallowed.


Will the seams be visible?

The way we are placing the seaming tapes don't allow them to be visible. We use glue specially selected for our outdoor applications. The seams are done with care, so you won't be able to see or detect them.


What holds the artificial grass down?

Silica's sand weight helps to hold the synthetic grass down and stabilize it.

Do I need to worry about insects?

The synthetic grass is characterized by a sterile environment. Also in soil installations we use weed barrier that's not only prevent the weeds from growing up, but helps to separate the base materials from the native soils and underground pests.


What is the procedure we must follow if we want an offer for our lawn?

We can offer you a free with no-obligation estimation for the application you want. Once you contact us we will arrange the samples . He would inform you on the basics of the synthetic grass model you will choose, like stitch rate, tuft gauge, pile height and the material Dtex. You won't have to worry about what model of synthetic grass would be better for your case


At what sort of base can I install the synthetic grass?

Synthetic grass can be installing sand , cement ,  pitch or other place strong , smooth base




Why is maintenance necessary, especially for sport applications?


Maintenance is a very crucial procedure for the playability and lifetime of the courts. Correct maintenance ensures that your surface will continue to be soft and not over-compacted or hard (preventing in this way any possible serious injuries).

Finally, your surface will be clean and more attractive and the infill materials will be evenly distributed.


We at ACT offer the complete service for proper maintenance of any synthetic grass sport surface, along with  trained personnel.


Some general quidlines to follow, are:

  • Cleaning of debris-Daily
  • Inspection of seams-Daily
  • Brushing of the synthetic grass to maintain the yarn straight-every 30-35 hours of use.
  • Leveling the infill material and ensuring that the infill material per sq.m is as per the manufacturer specifications, in order to comply with the warranty offer-every 30-35 hours of use.
  • Routine cleaning of the infill and rejuvenation of the field.
  • Moss and algae control once a year.
  • Magnet cleaning of any harmful metals throw in the field.


What is infill procedure and sand infill?


Infill procedure is where the synthetic grass is inserted with sand or a mixture of small rubber particles, in order to stabilize it for better performance. Additionally the sand helps preventing the synthetic grass from expanting and contracting with temerature changes. Finally the sand has the characteristic as fire resistant and it is chemically inert.


What is the warranty you offer for the sports applications?


Firstly, we offer two years warranty on seaming. And grass warranty year from 5-10 years, it will depend on the how many hours you use in the field  ,this one for soccer grass , garden grass always is 8 years 


Why choose synthetic grass for my sport surface?


Synthetic grass sport surface is a long lasting, durable, virtually low maintenance, immune o extreme weather conditions, dries quickly and is playable when wet, has UV treated fibres and has a natural look.

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Artificial Grass, Synthetic Turf, Football Grass (MDS60 FIFA GRASS)

Artificial Grass, Synthetic Turf, Football Grass (MDS60 FIFA GRASS)

Artificial Grass, Synthetic Turf, Football Grass (MDS60 FIFA GRASS)

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